FAQ – Seeds

What makes our seeds special?

We are not your traditional seed seller. Our goal is to collect, preserve and share a diverse variety of heirloom seeds for future generations. All our seeds are grown organically by us in Australia, collected and sifted pain-stakingly by hand over many hours. All proceeds are invested back into allowing us to grow and share the joy of heirloom seeds with more Australian gardeners.

💗 100% Australian grown and owned. Do you know where your seeds come from? When you buy from us, known that all our seeds are grown locally grown in Victoria, Australia. No bulk imported seed of unknown origin on our site.

💗 Organically grown Did you know imported seeds are sprayed with a variety of pesticides, fungicides and insecticides? Have you ever opened a packet of seed only to find they are blue? (This is a common fungicide used on seeds!). Rest assured, there are no chemicals on our seeds. All our seeds are grown organically and we do not use any synthetic sprays or fertilisers. We would only sell seed that we would use ourselves.

💗 Healthy, productive and drought-tolerant. We hand-select the healthiest, most productive and drought-tolerant plants, and share their seed with you. And we do so over many generations. This means you get plants adapted to the toughest Australian conditions and ready to thrive in your garden.

Contrast this with large seed suppliers which don’t tell you what qualities they are selecting for. Many are choosing plants that go to seed first and produce the most seed (as this reduces their costs) – rather than the plant that goes to seed last and produces the largest harvest.

💗 Collected by hand. All seed is collected and packed by us, by hand. For anyone who has saved seed before will know how time-consuming this process is and the countless hours and back-breaking labour it takes to sift through, prepare then package. Our goal is to save, preserve and share heirloom seed for future generations, and your support enables us to continue this work.

💗 Sustainability. Our seeds are packaged in reusable plastic packets or hand-made recycled paper packets (on request), to minimise our footprint on the earth. We use recycled packaging to pack your orders wherever possible. If you’d like your seeds packaged in recycled paper packets, simply leave us a note with your order.

💗 Shipping is $4 Australia-wide (except WA and Tas) or $10 tracked for bulkier seed orders.

Thank you for supporting our small business!

Seed sowing Tips

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