Keep an eye on this page, from time-to-time we will list rare and hard to source edibles such as water chestnut, oca, kangaroo apple, elderberry, perennial leek, chilli and many more!

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Contact us if interested in any of the following varieties. Contactless pick up from secure location in inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Payment in advance via bank transfer.


We currently have available small, medium and large heirloom tomato seedlings of the following varieties. They have been hardened up for months outdoors and are ready to be planted out and start producing for you in your garden! Seedlings are in a newspaper pot for you to plant straight into your garden without root disturbance.

Prices range from $3-$5 per seedling depending on size. Stocks are strictly limited and once sold they are gone:

Large/Medium Fruiting

  • Rouge de marmande (large French beefstake determinate variety)
  • Orange flesh purple smudge (stunning orange tomato with intense purple colouring under bright sun)
  • Oxheart (large oxheart shaped tomato, delicious flavour)
  • Ribbed tomato (heirloom Italian tomato with stunning ridges and rich flavour

Cherry varieties – For more information and photos checkout our Cherry tomato awards.

  • Black cherry (stunning black cherry tomatoes, full of antioxidants)
  • Tigerella (large cherry, red with yellow tiger stripes)
  • Wapsipinicon peach (delicious flavour, fuzzy skin which deters fruit fly)
  • Sweetie (prolific cold tolerant variety, fantastic flavour, producing trusses of cherry tomatoes)
  • Blueberry (purple black cherry tomato, stunning colour)
  • Barry’s Crazy Cherry (insane trusses of tear-drop shaped yellow white tomatoes, with delicious flavour)
  • Yellow pear (adorable tomatoes shaped like a yellow pear)
  • Red pear (adorable tomatoes shaped like a red pear)
  • Yellow Tigerella (large cherry, yellow with white stripes)
  • Cerino (cute orange oval cherry with delicious sweet flavour)
  • Thai pink egg (egg-shaped pale pink pastel tomato)
  • Tommy Toe (large cherry, extremely prolific and often wins flavour trials)

Very rare prices range from $10-$20 per seedling

We only one left of a stunning Variegated tomato (Splash of cream), Striped Roma. Brad’s Atomic Grape and Eight ball tomato [SOLD]

Other unusual edibles

We have limited supplies of the following seedlings available:

  • Cardamom – delicious fragrant leaves $15
  • Galangal – bareroot ready to go $10
  • Raspberry Heritage – extremely prolific dual cropping raspberry, sold bareroot $7
  • Lemon balm $6
  • Oca – one sprouted tuber for $8 or two sprouted ready to go tubers for $15. Choose cream / pink tubers.
  • Citronella geranium $10 – repeals mosquitos and has pretty purple flowers [One left]
  • Rocoto perennial chilli – $10 for medium $15 for large seedling
  • Water chestnut – $8 sprouted tuber
  • Lebanese watercress $5 for 2 bareroot plants – grows in soil or water, tough and nutritious, tastes like ‘carrot’

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