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*That’s it for this season. Thank you for all your support we’re all sold out!! If you’d like to be on the waitlist, please send us a message on our contact page. If you are interested in future tours, make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to be the first to hear about them as they sell out quickly. If you missed out, you might like to check out all the detailed tutorials and garden walk-through tours on our Youtube Channel – the next best thing to visiting in-person.*

This is the last session of this season so if you’d like to come visit, get in quick! Strictly limited numbers per Workshop and Tour. For the first time ever, we are running in-person Workshops and Tours of our Foodforest!

Come tour a productive backyard suburban farm and walk away brimming with ideas and inspiration. Our Foodforest has been featured on TV on ABC’s Gardening Australia and in Organic Gardener Magazine. 

Each participant will receive:

  • 1.5 hour in-depth Workshop and Tour of our Foodforest
  • a packet of heirloom seed
  • a bag of coffee husks to help fast-track your food forest journey
  • opportunities to get hands-on to feel, smell and taste plants in our food forest
  • detailed notes emailed to you after the session

What does the tour cover?

✔️ In-depth tour of our Foodforest. The workshop will cover all our different styles of growing (intensive raised beds, Vegepod, in-ground beds), our productive pond which provides us with food and free fertiliser, Greenhouse, deep litter chicken run, Worm farm & Composting system. Featuring over 80 varieties of fruit and countless heirloom veggies. For more information about us, please check out the About us page and our Youtube Channel.

✔️ You will learn how to make most of your space, deal with shade, poor soil and pests, and garden with sustainable and free materials. You will learn about many interesting and unusual edibles that are ultra productive in Melbourne’s climate. You will see our vertical gardening in action, and learn many clever tips and tricks. We aim to garden as sustainably as possible and in accordance with permaculture principles.

✔️ Small group tours and you’ll have the opportunity to ask us all your questions and see things first-hand. I will also be sending a questionnaire out to you beforehand and the session will be tailored to the needs & interests of the participants

✔️ Free packet of heirloom seeds and bag of coffee husks for all participants

✔️ There will be limited numbers of rare plants available for purchase on the day. Seeds and products available on our Shop can be collected on the day with no shipping fee.

When? This ticket is for an in-person tour at 1.30pm to 3pm, Sunday, 6 February 2022. As it’s an outdoor event, we will go ahead if there’s light rain. If unsafe weather is forecast, the event will be cancelled and postponed to the next day or week. If you’re unable to make the rescheduled tour, we will offer you a refund or credit to use for future events, seeds or products on our website

Where? Our food forest is in the inner-eastern suburbs in Melbourne. Address and further details will be forwarded to participants a week before the event.

*Please note: If you get an error message after ordering, please send us an email on to confirm whether it’s come through before placing another booking. In all cases so far it’s been processed successfully and you have reserved a place, it seems to be a glitch that is coming up for some people. We’re looking to get it fixed, but best to contact us to be sure.*

Sold out!


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