Purple King Bean


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  • Grow your own purple beans! You certainly won’t find these in the shop. Purple king are luxurious deep purple long beans, and look incredible dripping on the vine in summer. Super tender and tasty, one of our favourite eating varieties.
  • They have magical colour-changing properties, and change from purple to green when cooked – a fun one for kids! Use raw in salads if you want to retain the bright purple colour.
  • Produces prolifically. TIP: To keep plant producing throughout the season (1) pick as soon as beans reach full size (2) do not let the plant go to seed (i.e. the beans inside the pod start to bulge and the bean starts to get tough and dry out) – once the plant goes to seed, it thinks its work is done and will stop producing new pods.
  • Size: This is a tall climbing bean – growing to 2m+ and will need a tall trellis, or be planted against a shed wall, fence or why not try a living teepee? Great in large pots or grow bags. TIP: Pinch out growing shoots before your bean has reached the top of your trellis to encourage it to branch out.
  • Sowing: Sow seed indoors in early spring in individual punnets and plant out once the risk of frost has passed in your area. Do not soak bean seed as this risks rotting – plant into damp seed raising mix and don’t water again until the soil feels dry. Check out our corn seed sowing guide for a free and easy trick for sowing into individual punnets. Or sow direct in garden beds in late spring and summer, once the risk of frost has passed in your area.
  • Planting: Grows well in full sun or part-shade. Space seeds around 20cm apart.  Beans fix nitrogen from the atmosphere so don’t need a lot of added fertiliser, but do appreciate a soil enriched with compost, worm castings and gentle manures (cow, sheep, horse).

Please note seeds can be shipped across Australia, but due to quarantine restrictions we cannot ship seed to WA or Tasmania.

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