Disclaimer and Copyright

Disclaimer and Copyright


All reviews and opinions on Melbournefoodforest.com.au are ours and are provided for educational, entertainment and leisure purposes only. Sometimes items are gifted to us for review – however all reviews and opinions are wholly our own, and we endeavor to always provide balanced views with pros and cons. We would not recommend any product we would not personally use or vouch for.

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On some products we include affiliate links or discount codes. We earn a very small % of commission on any product sales made through that link, at no cost to you. In many instances, we have a discount code which makes your order cheaper. We provide all our education and resources for free, and this is a way in which you can support us to continue producing quality content. We appreciate your support.

General advice

The content on this website is in the nature of general gardening, cooking and education advice. Some advice and products that work well in our circumstances may not work well for you. For a consultation and tailored advice to your circumstances, you can contact us here.


Everything on Melbournefoodforest.com.au, our Instagram, Facebook and Youtube is created by us unless otherwise stated. We create this content for the purposes of gardening & sustainability education. As you can imagine, it takes a long time to put together. Please do not use any of our photos or content without first asking us. Doing so is a breach of our copyright. If you want to discuss collaborations, you can contact us here.