Bird netting for trees, veggies and berries (Medium / Large)

Our favourite netting to protect our fruit trees, berries and veggies from pests, which means more produce in your harvest basket. Netting your plants is one of the best organic insect protections you can provide for your plants – it gives great protection from birds, possums and white cabbage butterfly, even children or pets! Great for your orchard or veggie bed. You can see it in action here.

This netting has small weave so complies with laws requiring fine bird-safe netting.

  • Provides protection from all manner of pests
  • Provides some shade protection against UV burn, minimises hail damage
  • Ultra-fine mesh allows water, sunlight and air through – minimises fungal diseases
  • Reusable – we’ve had ours for many years and it’s still going strong
  • This netting can be cut to size to fit your exact needs. Can be used with a hoop system over your veggie beds, pinned down with stones, pegs or stakes to ensure there’s no gaps. We also tie our netting to ensure a snug fit.

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