Subpod (Worm Farm + Garden Bed All-in-one)

We love this complete set from Subpod – this is all you need to (1) convert your food scraps into the ultimate fertiliser (worm castings) + (2) Grow epic veggies which are fed by your scraps + (3) Save time as the worms do all the work – they distribute their fertiliser for you in your garden bed, no hauling of heavy composts. It’s all done on site! Our favourite all-in-one system.

You can even convert your worm farm into a handy and attractive wooden seat – we’ll show you how to do that a later video (see below for Part 1). A worm farm that does all the work and becomes a bench seat? Can’t ask for more than that!

Support an Australian business – Subpod was invented in Australia!

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This all-in-one system is so easy to install. Check out our unboxing and step-by-step video.

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