Indigo Pear Tomato


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  • Rare seed, hard to find heirloom tomato variety: A stunning mustard yellow pear-shaped tomato with indigo purple blush
  • Highly productive and disease resistant. Wonderful flavour balance, great for fresh eating, lunchboxes and salads
  • When to plant: tomato seed can be planted in late winter, spring and summer
  • Indeterminate variety meaning that it is  tall growing, will need staking, and will benefit from you pruning out the plant’s laterals to promote a 1-3 strong healthy stems
  • Check out our Tomato seed sowing guide and step-by-step video tutorial for our tips and tricks on how to grow from seed and raise healthy seedlings
  • Each packet contains >10 seed.

All our plants are grown organically, with no artificial pesticides or chemicals. While we do our best to avoid cross pollination by exclusion methods and carefully collecting seed to ensure purity, we do collect all of our seed manually by hand using traditional processes. Please note that there is always a small possibility of cross-pollination or seed contamination with another heirloom variety. 

Please note seeds can be shipped across Australia, but due to quarantine restrictions we cannot ship seed to WA or Tasmania.

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