Broadbean (Dwarf, No Staking)


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  • Broadbeans are one of the easiest plants you can grow. Being nitrogen fixers, they can also be grown as green manures to improve your soil. Fresh broadbeans are not only delicious, but the pretty white flowers are fragrant and attract bees.
  • This is a dwarf variety growing to 80cm tall and requires no staking or support – you can’t get easier than this! Great for windy areas.
  • Uses: Pods are best picked when smaller and just starting to bulge – the broadbean inside will be more tender and won’t require double-shelling (i.e. you won’t need to remove the inside tougher layer of skin on the bean). You can also throw young broadbean leaves and shoots into salads. The plant can be dug straight into the soil at the end of the season as a green manure.
  • Size: This is a dwarf broadbean and won’t need additional support if you plant them close together.
  • Sowing: Broadbeans need to be grown over winter. Plant direct in your garden bed in autumn or early winter, or sow in individual punnets and plant out once seedlings are of a good size. Young seedlings will need protection from snails and slugs. Check out our corn seed sowing guide for a free and easy trick for sowing into individual punnets.
  • Planting: Plant in full sun. Space seeds around 15-20cm apart. Broadbeans fix nitrogen from the atmosphere so don’t need a lot of fertiliser added, but do appreciate a soil enriched with compost, worm castings and gentle manures (cow, sheep, horse).

Please note seeds can be shipped across Australia, but due to quarantine restrictions we cannot ship seed to WA or Tasmania.

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