Dwarf Self-climbing Pea


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  • Are you frustrated with having to constantly tie in pea plants, or finding them flopped over and snapped? Well this is a frustration-free variety! It’s a unique dwarf growing pea that produces lots of tendrils which allow it to self-climb – no more tying in. Produces prolifically in small spaces.
  • Sow a new batch every month for a continuous supply over the cooler months.
  • Uses: Best eaten as a pea i.e. leave to mature on the vine until the pods swell, then shell the outside and enjoy the fresh pea inside. While tasty raw, we prefer it stir fried with garlic or steamed.
  • Size: This is a dwarf snow pea – grows to around 60cm tall. It can grow without support (and dangle off the side of a pot) or support with a short trellis or stake. Great in large pots or grow bags.
  • Sowing: Snow peas produce better in cooler weather. Plant direct in your garden bed in autumn, winter or spring, or sow in individual punnets and plant out once seedlings are of a good size. Young seedlings will need protection from snails and slugs. Check out our corn seed sowing guide for a free and easy trick for sowing into individual punnets.
  • Planting: If growing in cooler months, plant in full sun. If growing in warmer months they can grow happily in part-shade. Snow peas need good air flow between them to avoid fungal issues so don’t space too close.  Space seeds around 10-15cm apart. Peas fix nitrogen from the atmosphere so don’t need a lot of fertiliser added, but do appreciate a soil enriched with compost, worm castings and gentle manures (cow, sheep, horse).

Please note seeds can be shipped across Australia, but due to quarantine restrictions we cannot ship seed to WA or Tasmania.

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