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Heirloom climbing zucchini


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  • Grow a climbing zucchini to save space! It is super prolific and doesn’t take up a lot of space like standard zucchini.
  • This is an heirloom variety of zucchini, rare and almost impossible to find! Very limited quantity available, once sold out they are gone. Each packet comes with 5 seeds.
  • A pumpkin and zucchini – all in one! If left to ripen on the vine can store just like a pumpkin.
  • Uses: Use in all dishes you would use zucchini. Our favourite way is in pasta sauces, zucchini patties and of course Zoodles! When left to ripen fully, can be used like a pumpkin. Has a delicious nutty tasty.
  • Size: Fast grower and needs a trellis to climb on. We trained ours up a shed wall and on the Hills Hoist. Grows happily in large pots or grow bags.
  • Sowing: Sow in spring or summer. Check our corn seed sowing guide for a free and easy trick for sowing into individual punnets. Give young seedlings protection from slugs, snails, slaters and earwigs. Or wait until your seedlings are very large (minimum 6 leaves) before planting out and they will be more resilient to insect attack.
  • Planting: Don’t plant out until the soil has warmed up, usually no earlier than mid to late spring, or summer. i

Please note seeds can be shipped across Australia, but due to quarantine restrictions we cannot ship seed to WA or Tasmania.

Sold out!


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