Oxacan Green Corn


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  • We think this is one of the prettiest corns you’ll find! It has an iridescent green glow and looks almost metallic. This is an heirloom variety of corn from Mexico and has been grown for thousands of years.
  • Type: It is a nutritious flint corn i.e. not a sweet corn for fresh eating as it has a firmer texture.
  • Uses: dry and grind into cornmeal, cornflour, corn grit for porridge or use as a striking table centre-piece (styling with corn!). This is the corn traditionally used to make tortillas, and produces the softest tortillas. 
  • Growing: Sow indoors late winter to spring, or outdoors in spring and summer. This variety produces large chubby cobs and big kernels, usually 2-3 cobs per plant. Check out our corn seed sowing guide for detailed tips and tricks on how to grow the biggest corn.

Please note seeds can be shipped across Australia, but due to quarantine restrictions we cannot ship corn seeds to NT, WA or Tasmania.

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