Pincushion Flower


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  • One of our favourite cottage garden flowers, Pincushion flower (Scabiosa japonica) is a tough grower, pretty and useful. The delicate and detailed purple flowers add a glow to your garden, while attracting beneficial insects such as bees, butterflies and hoverflies into your garden. We love to grow ours as a companion flower under the canopy of fruit trees such as apples and pears.
  • Perennial – each plant will live and flower for a few seasons giving you lots of effortless colour
  • Keep cutting your flowers to fill the vase and don’t let them set seed – you’ll have endless vases of Pincushion flowers to brighten up any table or to share with friends and family.
  • Size: This is a medium-growing variety, around 60cm tall.
  • Sowing: Pincushion flowers can be planted in autumn, winter and spring in temperate areas. Plant as the weather cools for an impressive spring and summer display. Plant direct (in autumn or spring) or sow in individual punnets and plant out once seedlings are of a good size. In winter you will need to sow indoors in individual punnets, as seed will rot in cold wet conditions. This is in fact our preferred way to sow almost all seed. Check out our corn seed sowing guide for a free and easy trick for sowing into individual punnets. Young seedlings will need protection from pests.
  • Planting:  Plant in full sun to part-shade. Space 20cm apart into friable and loose soil – soil doesn’t have to be too rich but it will benefit from some added compost or well rotted manure.

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